Peek-a-Boo Cake

This peek-a- boo cake will surprise everybody! We were puzzled in the beginning as well. We mean; how do the m&m's get in without melting? Well, we're going to tell you the trick. And it's much easier than you think!

Make 2 basic cakes in a round pie pan. You can use a store bought mix and follow the instructions on the

package or make your own cake with 200 gram butter, 200 gram sugar, 4 eggs, 200 gram flour, 2 ts baking

powder and 1 bag of vanilla sugar. 

Bake the cakes and let them cool completely. Cut both cakes in half horizontally so that you have 4 cake

slices. From 2 cake slices you remove the middle circle with a cooking ring. 

Cover the outer circle of 1 whole cake slice with fruitspread. Place the two cake slices with the middle cut

out on top, and cover them with the fruit spread. 

Now it's time to pour the m&m's into the middle. Cover up with the final whole cake slice. 

Put frosting of your choice on the outside of the cake. And make sure you cut the cake while everyone is

watching to see the surprised look on their faces!

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